Saturday, May 26, 2012

Resin Ice Cubes

Oh resin! How you held me captive today, almost stalking me as I painstakingly poured you into molds.
And now I wait.
I have my fingers crossed -- hopefully everything turns out. With resin, it sometimes seems like a gamble.  Well, at least to me.  Any number of things can screw up the batch. Most problems I encounter come from the maker  (yeah, that's me) and the weather. LOL!  Then it causes me to remake stuff with the hopes that next time will be the charm.
Here are some pics of the resin I poured today.  I have no idea what some of them will become yet.

I like to keep pizza boxes to have something that covers the work space after I pour resin. Easy to store and easy clean up, then you can toss it and order more pizza!  I usually hide mine under the bed.  It helps to keep the resin covered and dust free. The pizza guys always give me a free one and all I had to do was ask. Yes!! This time for the mold, I used regular ice cube trays from my freezer.

The idea came from this You Tube video. Check it out here. She also has a blog, here it is. I don't have any luck using the resin she uses in the video. Grrrrr. Which is exactly what I used, so like I said, I hope they turn out.

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